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Al-Tamimi from his Prison Cell: Prisoners Release is in Kuwait's Interest

2021-11-16 - 5:23 am

Bahrain Mirror: In his first audio recording from his prison cell, former MP Osama Al-Tamimi said that the Amiri pardon to release Kuwaiti prisoners is in Kuwait's interest.

Al-Tamimi was arrested last July from hospital despite his health suffering.

The former MP said "We congratulate brotherly Kuwait on this political breakthrough and reconciliation between the legislative and executive institutions ... This will address political  differences, as well as achieve convergence of opinions and unification of views, all of which will be in Kuwait's interest."

Tamimi has already called on Bahrain's parliament to activate Article 410 of the Constitution to pass a law that would pardon thousands of political prisoners before the time of his arrest

Tamimi accused the medical authorities of injecting him with a toxic substance that caused him a brain stroke.

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