Bahrain is the New Palestine for Jews

2021-11-12 - 8:47 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini government does not hesitate to proceed with its strategy aimed at changing Bahrain's demographic composition.

The most dangerous thing the ruling family is seeking, according to its convictions, is establishing a Jewish community in Bahrain that is closest to the regime and a shield to protect it. This, of course, raises popular concerns, as the region's greatest adversity of more than 70 years is the Jewish occupation of Palestine, change of its identity, and oppression of Arabs and Muslims in those occupied lands.

On the other hand, what was reported by the Jewish Ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain, Houda Ezra Nonoo, to an Israeli newspaper, regarding calling on the Jews to move to the Kingdom of Bahrain, reminds us of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim's warning in May, saying they're : "Establishing a new Palestine in the Gulf and launching it from Bahrain," and stressed that this is "planned by global Zionism".

Houda Nonooo, one of the godfathers of secret relations between Bahrain and the Zionist entity over the past years before the official declaration of normalization, called on Jews to "move to live in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which offers tremendous business opportunities, a great quality of life and a wonderful place to raise a family," she told the newspaper.

Ambassador Houda is the sister of Ebrahim Nonoo, president of the Association of Gulf Jewish Communities which aims to increase the number of Jews in the GCC.

About a week ago, a website was launched to marry Jews in the Gulf and stabilize their presence in an effort to establish a state of stability for them.

Nonoo clearly confirmed to the Israeli newspaper the official support in Bahrain towards expanding the size of the Jewish community in the Kingdom by attracting Jews, including those working in the U.S. Fifth Fleet. "The movement of Jews to the Kingdom will help expand Jewish life in the Gulf and there will be more need for various options of kosher (Jewish) food and Jewish infrastructure, including Easter plans in hotels, Jewish schools, youth programs and other things."

"Bahrain has strongly supported the growth of Jewish life, but as more Jews move here, we will have to pay attention to their educational, cultural, spiritual and religious demands by establishing programs and institutions to serve these growing needs and we will do so despite our small size, the Jewish community in Bahrain is part of the fabric," Nonoo says with confidence.

This statement comes despite complaints from Bahrainis about previous naturalization processes since the beginning of King Hamad's reign, which included the naturalization of thousands of Pakistanis, Yemenis, Indians and other nationalities.

This proves what Ayatollah Qassim said: "Bahrain has been chosen as the primary center, to which the human component of this project will flock to, including Zionists and Jews from all backgrounds, similar to the Palestinian situation at the beginning."

Houda Nonoo's statements are considered concerning to any people who worry about the fate of their country. Will regime loyalists be aware of this dangerous future or will they stick to their stance supporting the regime, which means one thing now: Bahrain will be a new Palestine.

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