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Death of Badr Al-Gaith, Executioner who Tortured Martyr Fakhrawi to Death

2021-11-02 - 3:49 p

Bahrain Mirror: Renowned executioner Badr Al-Gaith, one of those who tortured martyr Fakhrawi to death and participated in the brutal torture against martyrs Sami Mushaima and Abbas Al-Samie, died. No further information could be obtained, but it is sure that Al-Gaith died on November 1, 2021.

Al-Ghaith was promoted in 2018 and transferred from the National Security Apparatus to become the head of the Operations Unit at the General Directorate for Combatting Corruption and Digital and Economic Security.

Al-Gaith is one of those involved in torture crimes in Bahrain's prisons. He broke the jaw of human rights activist Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja and tortured opposition leaders and human rights activists.

In 2014, Al-Gaith brutally tortured suspects in case of murder of Emirati officer Tarek Al-Shihi. Martyrs Sami Mushaima and Abbas Al-Samie were admitted to the Military Hospital in a critical health situation as a result of electrocution, severe beatings, prolonged suspensions, and not allowing them and the rest of the detainees in the case to sit for a few days, according to information which Bahrain Mirror made sure of and published earlier.

Hussein Khayrulla, who had his nationality revoked and was forcibly expelled, said in a testimony to "Bahrain Mirror" that "The officer (executioner Badr Al-Ghaith) used to start his insults with the word "O' Ajami" and then continues threatening and beating... He is the same officer accused of killing martyr Karim Fakhrawi. We were in the same prison where Fakhrawi died. We used to hear the screams of the martyr during torture, but we didn't know where he was because we were all blindfolded. I remember that officer (Al-Gaith) used to brag with his immunity during the National Safety period. He threatened me with death and reiterated: I am in the National Security Apparatus and we are in the National Safety period. If I killed you, no one can hold me accountable."

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