What Prevents Indian Mark Thomas from Assuming Role of Bahrain's PM?

2021-10-24 - 12:58 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Two days ago, an Indian employment agency published vacancies in a Bahraini oil company that it described as "leading". No one was waiting for a comment from oil sector officials, because Bahrainis are familiar with such announcements.

The agency announced that the company was urgently requesting 53 people. Vacancies include positions for workers and mechanical engineers.

Official figures revealed that more than 800 Bahrainis hold engineering degrees in various fields and in the computer related domain. They; however, remain unemployed.

We did not know whether the (leading) company was Bahrain Oil Company (Bapco) or Tatweer Petroleum, the only government companies that work in the oil sector.

It is not surprising that the leading company announces its vacancies in India, as the boards of directors of both companies include Indian nationals, as if there were no Bahrainis to assume such posts.

On Wednesday (October 20, 2021), the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oil and Gas Holding Company Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa adopted a resolution to restructure the Board of Directors of the Bahrain Oil Company (Bapco).

Mark Thomas has been appointed as deputy chairman of the board of directors, and Abdullah Jehad Al-Zain as Chairman with the membership of Ashok Krishna.

The board of directors of the (leading) Tatweer Company is chaired by Faisal Al Mahrous, and also included Mark Thomas, who was appointed as Bapco's deputy chairman.

These companies were indeed leading in embracing and employing competent Bahrainis, but ever since the oil ministry has been handed over to the son of Field Marshal Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, they have turned to leading companies in hiring foreigners.

Nasser bin Hamad, after taking over oil and gas affairs, should have pushed for a correction, especially since he presented himself as his father's representative in youth and sports affairs, but he did nothing. 

It is strange that the man has always called for enabling young people to play a prominent role in contributing to the development of their communities; however, these statements are not followed by action and if followed, they are completely the opposite.

It seems that the ruling family members agree on hiring foreigners and marginalizing Bahrainis, and it doesn't matter whether the Field Marshal's son or the king's son take over. What does it mean that Mark Thomas assumes two high positions in the oil sector? Is it because there are no competent Bahrainis or because they think that foreigners are better?

If so, since Thomas Mark is the best for developing the oil sector, why not try him as prime minister, as he may succeed in achieving what the ruling family has failed to achieve? 

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