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Abdulwahab Hussein Warns of New Wave of Protests, Calls for Fundamental Reforms

2021-10-09 - 11:49 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wafaa leader Abdulwahab Hussein warned of a new wave of protests in the country, calling on the authorities to accept fundamental reforms and reject formal reforms.

Hussein added in a statement from his prison cell that the authorities were surprised with the two 90s uprisings and then with the February 14 uprising which confused them and which was more significant than the two previous ones; however, the authorities have not learned their lesson.

He said that the angry children grow up and their anger will grow with them (...) and within them lie the great flood that will surprise everyone and will make it difficult for prisons, displacement, means of repression and intimidation to contain and dissuade them.

"The authorities are in a real rooted crisis (...) If they love what's good for Bahrain, they must take into account its privacy and open the way for fundamental reforms that will satisfy the people, ease their anger, prevent the storm and the worst before it is too late."

He warned against wasting time and getting distracted by things they believe are the solution but are the problem, and in which lie destruction and annihilation; such things as mock reforms, the game of imposing alternative penalties and tightening the security grip.    

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