Ninth Day of Muharram 2021: Heavy Security Deployment for Intimidation, Head of Al-Dair Mourning Procession Arrested

2021-08-19 - 10:55 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): On the ninth day of Muharram 2021, the Interior Ministry intensified the deployment of its troops in dozens of Shiite areas, commemorating Ashura, for the purpose of intimidation and imposing restrictions on the annual religious rituals.

Security patrols were deployed at the entrances of Hamad Town, south of the country, to Al-Dair in Muharraq province.

In Karana, citizens complained that a security patrol was approaching Karana Ma'tam (Shia place of mourning) and photographed participants in the Husseini majles (mourning gathering). Security patrols were heavily deployed in the town of Maqaba, west of Manama, where security personnel deliberately provoked and photographed mourners.

As for summonses, the government increased its systematic approach against the Ma'tams organizers. The Interior Ministry arrested the head of Al-Dair procession committee Faisal Al-Mo'men, and eulogy reciter Sayed Ahmad Al-Alawi, referring them to the Samaheej police station

The security authorities summoned the administration of Al-Muqashaa Ma'atam to Al-Budai center, and warned them not to stage a central mourning procession in Al-Muqasha as is usually practiced every year.

Heads of Musalla Ma'tam were also summoned and threatened about staging mourning processions.

Activist Ali Mhanna said via his Twitter account that the recent decisions issued by the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus target the events of ninth and tenth of Muharram.

In a speech on the tenth eve of Muharram, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim deemed "the harassment against Ashura commemorations a mere political war."

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