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Abdullah Al Khalifa Signs Cooperation Agreement with Israeli Research Center

2021-08-10 - 4:30 am

Bahrain Mirror: An Israeli news website said that the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs signed a historic agreement with the Derasat Institute of Bahrain

The website confirmed that the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on Sunday signed a historic agreement with the Derasat Institute of Bahrain, headed by Bahrain's Deputy Foreign Minister, Dr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.

Before the signing ceremony, the president of the Jerusalem Center, Ambassador Dore Gold, explained the importance of the agreements during this period. "We at the Jerusalem Center decided to create a network of research institutes in the Persian Gulf region and other countries. The signing today joins the signing of a collaboration agreement with other research institutes in the Gulf. Our goal is to create an array of cooperation agreements with the countries of the ‘Abraham Accords' and to convey a message to the United States, Europe and other countries, of a realistic understanding of the challenges we share - the danger from Iran's policy, in the region and in the world," he added.

Ambassador Gold added that the current naval campaign proves that the collaborations of research institutes like Derasat are very important at this time and even beyond.

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs is the first research institute in Israel to sign cooperation agreements both in the United Arab Emirates and with Bahrain, and intends to expand the collaborations within the framework of the Abraham Accords and with other countries, the website stated.

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