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Gov't Discusses Labor Market Plan which Aims at Creating Job Opportunities to Bahrainis

2021-07-14 - 6:26 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Cabinet approved during its session on Monday (July 13, 2021) a memorandum by the Government Executive Committee on the National Labor Market Plan 2021-2023 which aims at creating quality job opportunities for citizens and making them the best choice for employment, in addition to continuing to develop control and regulatory procedures and enhancing the contributions of the private sector in the labor market.

Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa chaired the meeting at Al-Qudaibiya Palace.

The Cabinet discussed steps related to implementing the royal directive on developing legislations in accordance with to development needs and the order issued by the Crown Prince on establishing a committee to follow up on this. It also reviewed the progress of the committee's assessment of 111 legislative pieces, 7 of which were amended in accordance with the Crown Prince's directives to the committee to ensure legislation supports development.

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