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Bahrain Offers Free Vaccines to Undocumented Workers but Nepalis are not Showing up

2021-07-11 - 12:35 am

Bahrain Mirror: Only 50 of around 600 undocumented Nepalis have registered for COVID-19 vaccination, a Nepali newspaper reported.

On June 18, the Nepali mission in the Bahraini capital Manama first published a notice asking undocumented Nepali workers to register for getting Covid-19 shots. However, the response to the free Covid-19 vaccination offer has not been encouraging even after repeated calls by the embassy.

Padam Sundas, Nepali ambassador to Bahrain, told the newspaper that only 50 Nepalis have come forward and enrolled for the free Covid-19 vaccines. According to the information shared by the Bahraini government with the Nepali mission, the country hosts around 600 undocumented Nepali workers.

"Maybe they fear they could be arrested if they came for vaccination," Sundas surmised.

A total of 15 Nepalis have died of Covid-19 in Bahrain. Of them, 13 died during the ongoing second wave of the pandemic.

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