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"Glory of Faith and Imam" is the Ashura Slogan for 1443 Hijri

2021-07-05 - 2:00 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's religious scholars launched Ashura season for 1443 Hijri under the slogan (Glory of Faith and Imam).

This year's slogan aims at "promoting and consolidating the spirit of glory, rejecting humiliation, and injustice, and establishing the Husseini position in various aspects of personal, social, cultural and political life," a statement issued by Bahrain's clerics read.

A new slogan is launched every year in Ashura season which is commemorated by the majority of people of Bahrain despite the authorities' harassment.

Preachers and eulogy reciters focus on the slogan's essence in their lectures and poems. The slogan is also used by social media users and printed on banners.

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