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US Blocking of Lualua TV Website is Confiscation of Press Freedom and Assassination of Free Word

2021-06-25 - 9:02 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini opposition satellite channel, Lualua TV, said that the US blocking of its website is a "confiscation of press freedom, trial of opinion, and assassination of the free word and a victory for unjust and tyrannical regimes over oppressed and violated peoples."

The channel expressed in an official statement on (June 23, 2021) its bewilderment at what it called "double standards of the U.S. administration, which raised its voice and called for respect for human rights in the region and demanded democratic transition while violating the most important human rights."

It confirmed in its statement that it will continue to rely on reliable sources and balance in conveying reality as it is.

The US Justice Department seized on (June 22, 2021) 35 websites of Arab and Islamic news channels. The sites seized included Masirah TV, which is run by Yemen's Houthi Ansar Allah movement, Saudi opposition Nabaa TV, Iranian Al Alam TV and English-language satellite television channel Press TV, as well as Bahraini opposition Lualua TV.

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