Crown Prince in Trouble, Coronavirus Patients Say: We Can't Breathe

2021-06-08 - 1:41 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): "They didn't give us oxygen...I am almost dying...take me out of here quickly". Death was evident in the voice of deceased A.M. as he sent his last call of distress to his family from the intensive care room.

No one could get the man out or save him because he was completely robbed of freedom like a prisoner, hos life is in the hands of the regime until his death! In the verified audio message, the Bahraini man stated that Bahrain's health system collapsed before taking his last breath.

Another Bahraini man who died on the same day and was buried in the same cemetery didn't have the time to testify, however, his death, itself, is a testament to this tragedy, which the government is exerting every effort to deny completely. The man was quarantined in his home after contracting the virus. A few days later, he suffered severe shortness of breath. An ambulance was called, but it showed up 3 hours later and the man had passed away.

Complaints continue through videos and audio recordings from patients in intensive care and emergency rooms: no beds, no oxygen, no ambulances and no adequate medical staff. Nonetheless, the government response when it comes to several official bodies that manage the health file is always unified: This is untrue...everything is under control...we provided them with adequate treatment according to the information from official sources.

As people bury their loved ones without having the chance to bid them farewell, the government is launching an organized media campaign to suppress their complaints.

The "Legendary" Bahrain Team

The government will hate the month of May forever, because it dismantled the legend of the Bahrain team and the illusions of success the crown prince has bragged about. Where is the Crown Prince to begin with? He fled outside Bahrain more than two weeks ago, and has not yet seen any need to interrupt his vacation and return to his country to bear responsibility for this calamity. He doesn't appear in failure, he totally absents himself from the scene.

What happened in Bahrain during the first half of 2021 revealed the falsity of the leadership's wisdom and exemplary management of the Coronavirus file. The successes were all fake, and the failure was the stage leader; no planning, no vision, no accountability.

The government made tens of thousands of people receive the Chinese vaccine before it was adopted by any neutral body and before the final results of its clinical trials were published. Today, these people are required to take a stimulating dose and are prevented from entering Saudi Arabia, which does not recognize their vaccine. Meanwhile, information reveals that a large number of deaths and infections were monitored.

The Crown Prince thinks he is a smart and inspiring leader. He plans to ban entry of unvaccinated people to restaurants, cafes, playgrounds and cinema halls. However, as the Eid starts, he opens everything in the country (despite the increase of infections and deaths since the end of the holy month of Ramadan). He then finds himself in front of a crisis, which he refuses to admit. He then retreats and gradually changes the decisions and returns to the same measures imposed a year ago.

Why didn't this smart plan predict what will happen? Why didn't it consider capacity and resources? Why did it wait for this great explosion and deaths of these people?

Dozens of Mutated Strain Cases in Bahrain...What's the Source?

Bahrain, which is now on the red list (high-risk countries) in France, Switzerland and elsewhere, due to "fears of increased ability of virus spread and lessening of the vaccination effectiveness" has become a country that exports the virus to countries like Pakistan.

The family gatherings which the Bahrain Team consider as the cause of the outbreak of virus in Bahrain were not the "source" of the Indian mutated virus and the various dozens of strains that reached Bahrain (150 genetic strains according to a published scientific paper). The source is the airport and the dozens of countries that use Bahrain as a safe passage.

How come there hasn't been a connection made between the continued reception of travelers from India and Bangladesh (which only a week ago has become limited to holders of residency visas) and this disaster of infections despite the massive vaccination campaign? Why haven't we seen the same boom in other Gulf countries and so many countries of the world that have closed their doors to India? Why is Bahrain the only country where the vaccination rates are inversely proportional to the number of infections?

Crown Prince Looks for Anti-Accountability Vaccine

Why do our people die while we remain standing still? Why do we remain helpless and have no right to participate in making the right decision to protect our lives and our country? Why is our health system collapsing without us being able to hold anyone accountable? Why are we paying taxes and giving the state the right to confiscate our freedoms and decide our destinies without any representation in this government? 

The scenes of collective graves and funerals being held tell the Crown Prince that there will be no vaccine against accountability and no immunity under the pretext of "success". The decision is not yours alone. People will hold you accountable.

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