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Bahrain Press Association Commends Release of Some Prisoners, Calls on Authorities to Abolish Death Penalty

The Bahrain Press Association
The Bahrain Press Association

2021-04-10 - 9:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Press Association said it applauds "the release of some political prisoners in Bahrain under the Alternative Penal Code."

In a series of tweets, the Association said that it "encourages more positive initiatives, which would reinforce the climate of national reconciliation in the country in the midst of confronting this pandemic, which represents a difficult test for all."

The Association called on "the authorities to speed up the release of more political prisoners and abolish the death penalty from the penal code."

"There is a necessity for expediting the restoration of the nationality of all Bahraini journalists and political activists whose citizenships were revoked in violation of the law," it noted.

The Press Association added that "more positive initiatives and compensation for victims would establish a new phase in parallel with strengthening political freedoms and protecting freedom of opinion and expression, which should be guaranteed for all Bahrainis, including criticism towards the government's policies and comments on its performance."

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