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Bahrain Sends Note of Protest to Qatar over Program Aired by Al-Jazeera Channel on Sufferings of Political Prisoners

2021-03-11 - 7:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed today that it had sent a note of protest to the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The note included the Ministry's strong condemnation of a TV program titled (Out of Context), aired on Qatari channel "Al Jazeera" on March 7.

The episode discussed a book entitled "Zafarat" which talks about the torture dissident detainees were subjected to in Jaw Central Prison in 2015. "The film contained false information and allegations put forward by hired instigators, which Qatar," the ministry said. The Bahraini authorities always use these accusation against dissidents demanding freedom and democracy.

The program spoke to the book's coordinator and author, Nader Matrouk, who confirmed that the book documented the stage of the uprising inside the prison and what happened during that period, through realistic and authentic testimonies on the event.

The participant in the research, Ali Mushaima, also confirmed that the book conveyed the torture prisoners were subjected to in prison, warning that witnesses confirmed that the security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets from close distances to quell the chaos.

The Ministry also expressed the dissatisfaction of Bahrain and its esteemed people dissatisfaction with the bad treatment that Bahraini fishermen receive from Qatari cost guards.

The ministry said that it considers these actions taken by Qatar towards Bahrain as unacceptable, as they contradict the principles of good neighborliness, as well as the provisions and obligations of Al-Ula declaration, which must be implemented by all signatory countries.

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