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Al-Wefaq Announces its Support for All Initiatives Aimed at Achieving Democratic Transition and Political Partnership in Bahrain

2021-03-06 - 7:01 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society announced on Friday (March 5, 2021) its support for all initiatives and calls aimed at achieving democratic transitions and political partnership in Bahrain.

Al-Wefaq issued a number of stances related to new files and issues in the local and international fields.

Al-Wefaq praised the peaceful popular movement on the 10th anniversary of the February 14 uprising. It stressed "the vitality of the people of Bahrain and their increased public awareness of the need for democracy and the urgent need for justice, partnership and political pluralism which are the key to stability, harmony and coexistence."

It stressed its support for all the stances that emphasize the need for transformation and

development in different tracks and that it looks positively at the calls and initiatives aimed at achieving the aspirations of Bahrainis, adding that the goal is to achieve democracy and political partnership.

The Society further said it is concerned about the targeting of martyrs' families in Bahrain. The Bahraini authorities arrested father of martyr Ali Mushaima, summoned father of martyr Abbas Al-Samei, father of martyr Sayed Hasan Ahmad and brother of martyr Sami Mushaima.

It also condemned the increase of child arrest campaigns and the issuance of prison sentences against them over charges related to the popular movement.

Al-Wefaq highlighted that it followed the alarming news regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic in prisons and the news related to health of national figures Sheikh Mohammad Habib Al-Muqdad and Mr. Hasan Mushaima and stressed the need to release political prisoners.

The Society tackled the conflicting news about the loss of 900 million dinars in Pension Fund investments, which confirms the country's need for an accountable executive authority that is subject to accountability, a legislative authority that is capable of accountability and an independent judicial authority that can hold those responsible for corruption accountable.

Al-Wefaq confirmed "its support for all international and regional efforts on the necessity to stop the war imposed on brotherly Yemen urgently, and to start reconstruction in order to contribute to stability and development in the region, as the recent UN report indicates there's a very difficult humanitarian situation."

On the regional level, Al-Wefaq expressed its indignation and refusal to talk about the establishment of a security alliance that includes Bahrain and the Zionist entity, and considered it within the context of betrayal of principles and values.

It stressed that the Zionists will quickly drown those who cling to them, underlining that Bahrain with all its components stand against turning to Zionists.

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