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Bahrain Starts Granting Commercial Records to Israeli Companies Working in Manama


2021-02-10 - 3:58 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini government has started granting commercial records to Zionist institutions that will work in Bahrain.

Bahrain Mirror obtained a copy of the commercial records granted by the Industry Ministry to Iscar LTD Company, whose owner holds the Israeli nationality, as well as the agent; Jah Company for Intellectual Property, based in Seif area.

The Zionist company works in the field of cutting and grinding tools.

On the onset of December, Minister of Commerce and Tourism Zayed Al-Zayyani paid a visit to the Israeli entity in order to rapid the commercial cooperation between the regime in Bahrain and occupying entity.

The Emirates and Bahrain normalized relations with the Zionist Entity in September last year. An agreement was signed between them in the presence of former US president Donald Trump in Washington.

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