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Two Bahraini Coast Guard Vessels Stopped by Qatari Patrols while Taking Part in Maritime Exercise

2020-11-28 - 7:09 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Qatari coastguard vessels stopped two Bahraini coastguard boats that were returning after taking part in a maritime exercise, the Bahraini Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The Interior said that the move by Qatari vessels violated applicable regional and international agreements. 

The Ministry said it will report the incident to the Gulf Cooperation Council Secretariat and expressed its hope that such an incident would not occur in future.

The Bahrain Interior Ministry has announced that on Wednesday 25 November at 13:00 two Bahraini Coast Guard vessels taking part in a maritime exercise "Al Manaa'', north of Fasht Al Dibal, were intercepted by three patrol vessels of the Qatari Coast and Border Security. 

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