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Al-Wefaq Speech to the G-20 Summit in Saudi Arabia

2020-11-23 - 7:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society sent a letter to the G-20 summit, which kicked off on Saturday, November 21, 2020, under the presidency of Saudi Arabia, in which it confirmed to the participants of the summit the need to "form common ground in Bahrain, seek a solution for the political crisis in Bahrain, develop general determinants that will steer clear of strife and competition, in order to preserve the interest of the nation, and all citizens and residents."

"Under the framework of the G-20 agenda presided over by Saudi Arabia, which will begin its sessions today, aiming to seize the opportunities of the 21st century for all, through human empowerment and the formation of new horizons, by focusing on social and economic issues, including health, education, trade, women empowerment, agriculture, water, environment and the fight against corruption, Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society is interested in expressing that it shares these visions for the good of the peoples and nations in general," the letter read.

Al-Wefaq added "In this context, Al-Wefaq emphasizes the need to form a common ground in Bahrain, which would be a starting point for achieving these developing visions, and here, in order to find this ground, it is necessary to seek a solution for the political crisis in Bahrain to create a common ground and develop general determinants that will steer clear of strife and competition, in order to preserve the interest of the nation, and all citizens and residents."

"In order to proceed with this project, we emphasize the importance of dialogue between all components of the nation and its officials, on the basis of national consensus to bring about a sustainable democratic transition and to create a common vision in all areas, from politics to economy, rights, education, employment, etc., which would end the internal tension in the Bahraini scene, forge a natural political process, and guarantee social justice, equal rights and equal opportunities for all citizens."

"Therefore, the authorities in Bahrain must make a number of initiatives, the most important of which is implementing the recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, which was commissioned by the King to investigate the events witnessed in the country since 2011, release all prisoners of conscience, and return citizens in exile and those who were forcibly deported from their country. The government should also restore the citizenship of those who were stripped of their nationality under political decisions, and justly consider the demands of the Bahraini people who are seeking democracy, popular participation in the country's governance in a country where justice and harmony would prevail among all its citizens, providing a sense of citizenship, and an atmosphere of pluralism, tolerance, acceptance and coexistence with others within a diverse and integrated society, in which all forms of incitement of hatred, violence and terrorism are prohibited."

We address this speech to you, due to the sincerity of the call that this summit holds in its message, which is the belief that human beings are the driving force for establishing a better world, and therefore it is necessary to seek to empower and allow them access to optimal opportunities. Bahrain, like the rest of the countries, is full of human potentials that are able to develop and flourish, and bring it to be a part of this world that we seek-a world that supports and fosters sustainable development, so that we can make a bright tomorrow for all the people of the nation.

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