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Health Situation of Haq Secretary-General Deteriorates

2020-11-12 - 11:02 p

Bahrain Mirror: Activist Ali Mushaima announced on Wednesday (November 11, 2020) that the health situation of his father, Secretary-General of Haq Movement, Hasan Mushaima, deteriorated.

"The health condition of my father, Mr. Hasan Mushaima, deteriorated again at dawn on Tuesday. He was transferred to the emergency department in the Military Hospital, and was then returned to prison after about 6 hours. He was put on emergency respirator for second time in recent weeks without knowing the real causes of this health deterioration,"Ali Mushaima said via his Twitter account.

"My father told me doctors initially suspected a stroke, but couldn't reach a definitive diagnosis. They promised him to be checked by a cardiologist within days," he added.

"This health crisis comes after the prison failed to arrange appointments with specialists after his last hospital admission in October."

Ali Mushaima explained that his father suffers from other illnesses and that his family is very worried about him as he has a dramatic fluctuations in blood pressure and diabetes, requiring 4 daily insulin shots. In addition, he has been waiting for more than 7 months for cancer screening and has hearing problems left untreated for 4 years.

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