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Health Situation of Hasan Mushaima Deteriorates, Transferred to Military Hospital

2020-10-21 - 5:36 am

Bahrain Mirror: Family of detained leader Hasan Mushaima said that Jaw Prison administration transferred him to the military hospital on Monday (October 19, 2020) after his health deteriorated.

His son Ali Mushaima said via his Twitter account that his father suffered a rise in blood pressure and a sudden health deterioration the day before yesterday.

He added that the authorities returned him to the prison, expressing the family's concern over his health because they don't know his health condition and the treatment he received. Health care negligence and treatment denial is a crime, Ali Mushaima noted.

Hasan Mushaima has been serving a life term since 2011 due to his role in February 2011 movement when tens of thousands of people, most of them belong to the Shiite majority, took to the streets and demanded an elected government that puts an end to the discrimination and prosecution policies which Shiites suffer from in the country.

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