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Director General of Reformation and Rehabilitation: No COVID-19 Cases Recorded among Prisoners

2020-09-28 - 9:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: Abdulsalam Al-Arifi, the Director General of Reformation and Rehabilitation in Bahrain's Ministry of Interior, announced that all the centers affiliated to the reformation and rehabilitation haven't recorded any COVID-19 cases among prisoners and workers since the beginning of the pandemic.

Al-Arifi told Al-Ayyam newspaper that prisoners are examined before entering the centers, and are quarantined in a special place for 30 days and are then re-examine to make they have no disease. Prisoners are then sent to the buildings according to the applicable classification.

It is to mention that the Interior Ministry has denied the family visits of prisoners since the beginning of the measures to combat the Coronavirus epidemic. Although the government has decided to open many economic and tourist sectors, in addition to opening Bahrain airport, prisoners have been denied visits since March.

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