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Al-Wefaq: We Disown Any Person, Party in Contact with Individuals or Institutions in Zionist Entity

2020-09-14 - 9:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society confirmed that it "disowns any person or party in contact with individuals, parties or institutions of the Zionist Entity."

Al-Wefaq posted two tweets via its Twitter account saying "We, in Al-Wefaq, stress that it is forbidden to have relations with the Zionist enemy on all levels. Our religious, national and ethical duty imposes on us to absolutely disown any act, person or entity that communicates with the individuals and institutions of the Zionist entity."

"Al-Wefaq's opinion is taken from its statements issued via its official accounts only. Any party that deals with the media outlets of the Zionist entity in any way doesn't express Al-Wefaq's firm stance towards the enemy. Its work is rejected, condemned and denounced."

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