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Before Flying to Washington to Sign Two Agreements...Netanyahu Says: Normalization with Bahrain, UAE will Inject Billions to our Economy

2020-09-14 - 7:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that "the two peace accords he will sign with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in Washington will inject billions into the local economy."

This occurred in the press statements made by Netanyahu before boarding the plane that took off from Tel Aviv to Washington, to attend the signing ceremony of the two normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, under the auspices of the US president Donald Trump.

According to a statement issued by his office that collected his statements, Netanyahu said: "These agreements will unify diplomatic peace with economic peace and inject billions into our economy through investment, cooperation and joint projects."

He added: "I travel to achieve peace in exchange for peace. We now have two historic peace agreements, with two Arab countries, which were established in one month. This is a new era."

On Friday, Bahrain announced reaching an agreement to achieve full diplomatic relations with Israel, under US auspices. The UAE has already normalized relations with Israel on August 13.

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