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Palestinian PM Praises Free Bahraini Voices Opposing to Normalization with Occupying State

2020-09-14 - 6:04 am

Bahrain Mirror: Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh praised on Saturday (September 12, 2020) the free Bahraini voices opposing the normalization deal with the Israeli occupation, adding that he is confident that Palestine and its just cause remain in the hearts of all the Arab and Islamic peoples and all the free peoples of the world.

Shtayyeh announced that "His country's authorities condemn the normalization agreement between Israel and Bahrain," considering it a blow to the "Arab backbone" and a "legalization of settlement". He explained in a statement that "Palestine registers for history its condemnation to Bahrain's normalization with Israel, following the UAE's condemned move, which is a flagrant violation of the official and popular Arab position," he said in a statement.

He added "such a blow to the Arab backbone and joint Arab action is only a service to the colonial state of Israel and its protector, and it put short-term narrow calculations with the U.S. administration above strategic issues, at the expense of the wishes of the Arab and Islamic nation and Palestinian rights, and the legalization of occupation, settlement and repeated aggression against Al-Aqsa."

"What would Arabs, who normalize with Israel under the pretext of the Iranian threat, do in the event the US administration activates the agreement with Iran?", he wondered.

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