Bahrain Mirror Issues 2019 Roundup

2020-09-11 - 7:48 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahrain Mirror issued the ninth edition of its annual "Roundup" publication, which is a ride around the course of the 2019 events and developments. 

"In previous years, we documented enough incidents that would destroy the notion of a homeland in people's hearts and minds, but this year it became clear that the notion was not destroyed, but rather waiting for a call to catch it," said Bahrain Mirror editorial board.

"Where does such a call come from?" the editorial board asked, stressing that it came from a "leadership that has historical weight making it worthy to take its people with it to a safe space of coexistence."

The board noted that "our historic win [Bahrain's victory in Gulf Cup 24] would have turned into a historic gain if there were a leadership that would have seized the moment."

What does the 2019 Roundup publication include?

The book contains documentation of all the events Bahrain witnessed in 2019.

The book, published in both Arabic and English languages, consists of 5 sections in Arabic, as well as one in English.

The first section, "2019 Memoirs", records the major issues witnessed in Bahrain: the deal of the century, martyrs and death sentences, the active presence of Ayatollah Qassim in exile, executions, naturalization, naturalized citizens' bullying of Bahrainis, in addition to press freedoms, the "Players with Fire" film, the targeting of Ashura, security services attacks and arrests, as well as a number of political, social and livelihood issues, which affect the entire spectrum of Bahraini society.

The second section, entitled "Papers of the Year", contains annual documentation of complementary issues: execution, Al-Qaeda, normalization with Israel, economy, prisons, unemployment, naturalization, and the case of Hakim Al-Araibi.

The third section includes the main translated materials published on Bahrain Mirror in 2019, including articles and statements by foreign media outlets, or prominent political and media activists and personalities, including Elliot Abrams, U.S. Attorney Jim McGovern, journalist Joe Stork and Brian Dooley of Human Rights First, and Bahraini activists Ibtisam Al-Saegh and Najah Yousef.

The fourth section entitled "Portrait" speaks about three authentic Bahraini figures, including poet Ghazi Al-Haddad, the son of Sitra Island, sailor Hajj Ahmed bin Nasser, and artist Ibrahim Bahr.

The fifth section contains the most significant daily political events that took place in Bahrain throughout the year.

The English section of 2019 Roundup includes the translation of the first section of the book, entitled "Memoirs".

The "Roundup" project, with its nine books, is a huge documentation and reference material for the ongoing movement that Bahrain has been witnessing since February 14, 2011. It is worth noting that more than a year ago, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has included the series of "Roundup" books on its online library.

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