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Interior Ministry Summons Number of Husseini Preachers for Speaking about Yazid bin Muawiya

2020-09-09 - 8:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Interior Ministry has continued punishing preachers as it used to do after every Ashura season in Bahrain.

Mulla Kassim Zainuldin was summoned to Al-Hidd center to be presented to the Public Prosecution over speaking about Al-Umayyad crimes against the Prophet's household.

Preacher Abdulnabi Al-Sammak was arrested for reading Ziyarat Ashura at Arad obsequy, despite not reading the last paragraph. He was apprehended to be presented to the prosecution.

In the same context, Sayed Mohammed Al-Ghuriafi was summoned on Sunday for interrogation after speaking about the killer of Imam Hussein (PBUH). The investigator told him that Yazid is a symbol glorified and sacred by a sect of people.

For his part, opposition leader Ibrahim Sharif commented on these summonses via his Twitter account, stressing that "guarantees of religious freedom and freedom of belief are not consistent with the frequent summoning, arrest and trial of preachers and clerics."

"It is regrettable that our illiterate ancestors were more tolerant with respect to doctrinal and historical differences than the educated generation that was supposed to acquire the mentality of accepting others' opinions and different views."

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