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Fatah: Bahrain's Support for Normalization "enemy for the Ummah"

2020-09-08 - 2:59 am

Bahrain Mirror: A senior Fatah leader has slammed Bahrain's support for normalizing ties with Israel.

Commenting on Bahrain's veto to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-Israeli normalization deal, Fatah Spokesman Hussein Hamayel declared: "This is a form of tyranny that makes it an enemy of the Ummah."

Hamayel stressed that: "Any decision that undermines the Palestinian interests and rights is a form of shameful tyranny."

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Hamayel disclosed: "Bahrain opened its skies for Israeli flights from and to the UAE and issued several indications that it is accepting normalization with Israel," citing the organization of the conference of the deal of the century.

The Fatah official stressed that normalizing ties with Israel does not benefit the Arab states, but "only Israel" and that it "divides" the Arab Nation.

On 13 August, the US, Israel and the UAE declared a "historic" normalization deal between the UAE and the Israeli occupation, prompting the Palestinian Authority (PA) to request an emergency meeting for the Arab League to discuss the issue.

Reports reveal that Bahrain, among other Arab states, rejected the PA's request to hold a meeting of the Arab League.

According to Al-Mayadeen Channel, Bahrain objected to a Palestinian request to put the clause of rejecting normalization on the sidelines of the Arab League agenda. It even threatened Palestine that it would put a clause on its part to support normalization and encourage the "Deal of the Century".

Israeli media quoted an Israeli source as saying that Bahrain is expected to "soon announce normalization of relations with Israel."

The trend of this monarchy in the Gulf was to announce this step after the celebration of normalization with the UAE at the White House, Gili Cohen, political commentator in Kann Channel, noted.

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