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Sheikh Al-Daihi: Closure of Al-Zahraa Mosque, Restrictions on Ashura Rituals Deemed Blatant Violation against Values, Rituals

2020-08-27 - 12:45 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi condemned the closure of Al-Zahraa Mosque in Hamad Town and restrictions practiced by the authorities against Ashura rituals, considering this "a blatant violation against rituals and freedoms".

The regime's restrictions on rituals under the pretext of the Coronavirus pandemic "reveals the enormity of the sectarian disease that this regime and its officials are suffering from," he said via his twitter account on Tuesday (August 25, 2020).

He went on to say that mosques in Islam "are not convicted nor punished, and the suspension of the mosque from its legitimate duty is an assault on it and no regime can disrupt mosques either permanently or temporarily, because mosques has always and will forever serve sharia. The Bahraini regime attack on Al-Zahraa mosque is a blatant violation on the legitimate function of these mosques."

Al-Daihi wondered about the reasons behind the Bahraini regime's decisions and whether they intended to reduce and block “the enthusiasm of those who walk on the path of Imam Al-Hussein and those who commemorate his revolution?” “This is a lost and foolish bet that comes only from people whose hatred has occupied their hearts,” he stressed.

Sheikh Al-Daihi stressed that Bahrain's Shiites, their elders and young ones, have a well-established faith that cannot be changed "no matter how much the regime tries to harm them and their faith or fight their rituals and existence. It is a doctrine that does not die, and is not annulled by a decision to close a Husseiniya or a mosque."

Al-Wefaq's deputy Secretary-General reiterated that the religious affair of the Shiite community is "an independent and indisputable matter, and the Bahraini regime's blatant interference in preventing loudspeakers or the arbitrary closure of mosques represents an attack on natural rights, and a clear confiscation of the freedom to practice religious rites."

He concluded by saying that the discipline and commitment of the participants in Ashura to the strict health precautions in the councils of condolences and processions led to the anger of "the yellow press ... The rotten hate speech of hired journalists is the product of seditious projects that will fail, thus this press got angrier."

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