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Ayatollah Qassim Calls for Solidarity to help Lebanon and its People

2020-08-09 - 6:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, the highest religious authority in Bahrain, called for solidarity with Lebanon and its people after the massive explosion in Beirut.

"If not for cosmic interconnectedness, the universe would have collapsed, and if not for interconnectedness in any human society, there would not have been a society. If complete disconnection replaced the interconnectedness of human societies, life would have been broken."

"The capabilities of every strong society is weakened during adversities, and if people abandoned each other in the destructive adversities, a society would fall every day, and people would be forgotten every day."

"The largest and most powerful country in the world may need help from others to save it from the effects of a terrible destructive horror, which destroys many of its capabilities and makes it forget its powers."

"The massive and violent horror which our Lebanese brothers experienced while facing the devastating destructive explosion, is a serious test of the remaining religious and human conscience in this world, and a reminder of the values and dignity of mankind."

"If such a great and dangerous accident did not prompt the human society to cooperate in mitigating all the harmful effects of the accident and to show practical sympathy and solidarity in order to help Lebanon and its people heal, this would mean that the human being's return to their humanity has become very difficult and very distant. This would also mean that the dissolution of the human society has reached a frightening extent, and the evidence of which is numerous in the absence of an ethical state, without which life would not continue."

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