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COVID-19 Case Detected among Jaw Prisoners

2020-08-04 - 9:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said she received a call from one of Jaw prisoners stating that there are Coronavirus cases inside the prison.

"I received a call today morning (3/8/2020) from number 17840258 at 7:30 AM stating that a prisoner from building 13 is delivering me a rescue letter to save the prisoners who are concerned about their fate due to presence of Coronavirus cases," she said via her Twitter account.

For its part, Salam for Democracy and Human Rights stated "We express our deep concern about the news from Jaw prison that a number of prisoners have contacted other infected prisoners in the prison clinic. The infected have been isolated as a precautionary measure."

Salam reiterated the UN recommendations that have urged the release of the largest number of prisoners, mainly prisoners of conscience.

The organization revealed names of the 12 prisoners who were isolated in building 13: Alaa Mansour Nasif, Mohammad Jaafar Al-Ghasra, Sadiq Abdulamir Rashid, Hassan Mohammad Al-Zaki, Isa Hassan Jassim, Ahmad Abdulkarim, Mohammad Ali Yaackoub, Sayed Ahmad Ali Naser, Mohammad Abdulhamid, Maytham Hassan Abbas, Hassan Asad Jassim and Kassim Mohammad Isa.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, families of prisoners have demanded the release of their sons. Local and international human rights organizations also demanded the release of prisoners, however, there was no response from the authorities.

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