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Bahrain's Senior Scholars: 2020 Ashura Commemoration would Held be in Accordance with Health Precautions

2020-08-03 - 8:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's senior religious scholars issued a statement saying that the return of Husseiniyas (religious congregation halls) and Ashura commemoration rituals would happen this year in accordance with strict health regulations and precautions.

The statement issued by Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi, Sheikh Mohammad Saleh Al-Rabei, Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour and Sheikh Mahmoud Al-A'ali read "with the approach of Ashura season , in which believers all over the world are eager to commemorate the martyrdom of master of the youth of paradise, Imam Hussein (PBUH), the grandson of the greatest messenger (PBUH), and after the urgent questions from the faithful brothers, and from the obsequies administrations about the nature of Ashura season commemoration this year (1442 Hijri), amid the exceptional circumstances imposed by the spread of the Coronavirus around the world, and following a careful study, consultation with specialists and observations of the policy adopted by the world and the concerned parties in our dear country, from the careful experience with this epidemic, and after the relatively long experience that people have undergone with this epidemic, and the confidence in the level of awareness people have in dealing with the epidemic, we believe that the Husseiniyas (for men), and the manifestations of Ashura season commemoration should resume in accordance with the strict and determined health precautions, which according to Sharia (Muslim law) should be followed."

The statement added that "the brothers of the obsequies' administrations should do their utmost effort to ensure that the people abide by the health measures recommended by the competent authorities. In this context, we recommend that scholars in different areas follow up, support and guide all community members in this regard. We also urge them not to lengthen their commemoration periods."

"We also stress that people's commemoration should be limited to the area where they live, and that the elderly, children and those with chronic diseases should refrain from attending the obsequies, and listen to the Majlis from their home."

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