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Bahraini Youth Arrested upon his Arrival to Bahrain Int'l Airport

2020-07-29 - 5:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: "Rasd", a network specialized in security movements, raids and arrests, said that the Bahraini authorities arrested Abdulhussein Al-Jishi upon his arrival to the country.

Al-Jishi is from Al-Nabih Saleh village and was arrested on Monday (July 27, 2020) upon his arrival to Bahrain, noting that he was pursuing his studies abroad. His place of detention and charges upon which he was arrested are still unknown.

It is to note that Al-Jishi was arrested in March 2013 and was investigated over political reasons. He was released few days later due to lack of evidence.

Since 2011, the security authorities have arrested hundreds of citizens for political reasons. The arrested citizens are forced to make coerced confessions that are the basis for their prosecution, human rights groups say.

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