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Detainee Ibrahim Al-Dossari's Daughter: We don't have any information about him since his arrest

2020-07-14 - 7:38 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Reem, daughter of detainee Ibrahim Al-Dossari (former undersecretary in the Cabinet) said that the family knows nothing about him since his arrest.

"We apologize for not answering all the people who called us or tried to communicate with use via various social media outlets to check on my father. We stress that my father is not responsible for any WhatsApp message sent from his phone, as his devices were confiscated. We also confirm that his family knows nothing about him since his arrest."

Al-Dossari was arrested by a security agency, and then accounts on social media platforms leaked that investigations proved that he is accused of the charge of collaborating with Qatar and opposition groups to manage abusive electronic accounts, including the "Na'eb Ta'eb" account, and that he paid 100,000 dinars to fund an electronic network offensive to Bahrain, according to these accounts.

Other accounts claimed that Ibrahim Al-Dossari's money and property had been seized, including the Al-Rim complex in Al-Rifaa.

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