Editorial: Letter to Nasser bin Hamad, What does Excellence Mean to you?

2020-07-02 - 8:23 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Perhaps it is natural and acceptable that the Crown Prince, owner of the "Crown Prince's International Scholarship Program", met the top students online, to deliver a national message on behalf of the state and his program.

However, it was very confusing that the Crown Prince appeared yesterday in his military capacity to talk through virtual space with this year's top students of public and private schools. The meeting made headlines in local newspapers. It seemed just like another media event among his many publicity stunts. The fact that he was in his military uniform has taken away from the students' accomplishments and excellence. The future of the top students you met Nasser means nothing to you, and they are not within the scope of your plans or priorities.

We will tell you what proves this:

The first proof is the case of top student Rabab Mohsen, do you remember this name? Did your media team leader Tawfiq Salehi pass it to you or not?

Rabab Mohsen was one of last year's top high school graduates. She graduated with a 100% score under an official document from the Ministry of Education. She was deprived of her desire to study medicine. Thus, she recorded a video in which she appealed to you by name, but you did nothing for her, and did not respond to her request. You left her fate in the hands of Majid Al-Nuaimi, an expert in destroying ambitions and turning brilliant students into destroyed people.

Majid Al-Nuaimi is the man who trembled out of fear for his position, when the performance of his ministry was criticized at the youth summit, and his ministry was shaken at that time and decided to cancel the students' homework. From that moment, Minister Majid Al-Nuaimi thought he was in charge of the education file in Bahrain, and put you before him in everything.

Rabab Mohsen is now studying medicine at the Arab Gulf University. Her family is under great financial pressure due to the annual fees they have to pay, which exceed 12,000 dinars. All of this meant nothing to you last year, and will mean nothing to you this year as well. The only thing that will concern you is to use the propaganda machine that serves you and introduces you to the public in a luxurious way.

—»«» „Õ”š

As for the question you asked the top students yesterday: what have they offered to Bahrain, before answering, we say that appearing in your military uniform to meet high school graduates seems a rather strange idea, because most of the top students you spoke to are not allowed to enter the army or be a part of the Royal Guard which you head. Isn't that right? Are we lying, Nasser?

The names of the students you sent to Sandhurst Academy to receive scholarships are available to all of us. None of the names you sent include Bahrain's graduates with the highest scores, as most of the names you sent are from families loyal to you, including sons of the managers of your stables.

Bahrain, which you talked about as if it were a woman or a mother who must be respected, is not what the Bahrain we seek. Bahrain, O'Sheikh, has two components: the land and the people. The country, its riches and resources are in your grasp as a family, so the question to be asked to those who run and govern this wonderful country and the most wonderful and kind people is: How do you govern this country, what have you done for these people, and what have you offered the country and people?

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