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Lebanon: Lawsuit Filed against Lebanese Shiite Cleric who Met Israeli Rabbi in Bahrain

2020-06-24 - 7:55 am

Bahrain Mirror: The public prosecutor's office in Mount Lebanon filed a lawsuit against Shiite cleric Ali Al-Amin over meeting an Israeli rabbi in Bahrain months ago, according to one of the complainants.

In December 2019, Al-Amin visited Bahrain to take part in the "Religions Dialogue" conference, organized by "This is Bahrain" society, based on the King's invitation.

The prosecution's move is based on a lawsuit filed by the lawyer Ghassan Al-Mawla on behalf of Nabih Awada, Khalil Nasrallah, Shawqi Awada and Hussein al-Dirani. The initial lawsuit accuses Al-Amin of "meeting Israeli officials in Bahrain, attacking the resistance and its martyrs on permanent basis, inciting strife between sects, sowing discord and sedition, and violating the Sharia laws of the Jaafari sect."

Lebanon's Supreme Shia Islamic Council isolated Al-Amin from the Jaafari Fatwa Department after meeting an Israeli rabbi in Manama.

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