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Bahrain: Teenage Prisoner Unable to Eat Due to Teeth Issues, Prison Administration Denies Him Treatment

2020-06-22 - 2:57 am

Bahrain Mirror: A 17-year-old Bahraini prisoner (legally a minor) complained about his inability to eat food after his teeth began to fall apart. He was denied treatment by the Dry Dock Prison Administration.

Human rights activist, Ebtisam Al-Sayegh, reported what inmate Sayed Ahmad Sayed Majeed Mahdi Fadl told his mother during a phone call. "Mother, I feel cold and my teeth are crumbling. I cannot eat."

"A call was received Saturday morning, June 20, 2020, from her son who is held in the juvenile section at Dry Dock Prison. She spoke with pain wondering ‘how can we bear this and be reassured about our children's [conditions], as they have been deprived of living among their families, of freedom and education?! Is there someone that understands their suffering and our suffering due to separation from our children?'"

It is worth noting that Sayed Ahmad Sayed Majeed Mahdi Fadl was arbitrarily arrested under the age of 15 and remained detained in the criminal investigations building for 34 days. The courts did not take his young age into account. He was accused of irrational charges beyond the capabilities of his age, and despite the fact that he was present at the criminal investigation building, since he had been summoned, at the same time when the incident which he was accused of occurred. He was; however, sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison, of which he has served 3 years.


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