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Latest Sufferings of Political Prisoners in Jaw and Dry Dock Prisons

2020-05-21 - 10:53 am

Bahrain Mirror: "Rasd", a network specialized in security movements, raids and arrests, announced that the Jaw Prison administration punished a number of detainees who commemorated religious rites during the month of Ramadan.

The network said that the Jaw Prison administration prevented detainees in 6 prison cells, in building 12, from calling their families and going out to the yard until further notice for commemorating the birth anniversary of Imam Al-Hassan bin Ali.

It also prevented detainees in ward 1 and 2, in building 4, from calling their families and going out to the yard until further notice for commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb.

No news has been reported about prisoner of conscience "Ali Isa Al-Qattan" for the third week in a row, the network further stated. The detention of prisoner of conscience Sayed Jaafar Faisal and Ahmad Jamil has been renewed for 30 days after they were presented to the judge through a video call, noting that they were arrested pending investigation in politically-motivated cases since over 6 months in Dry Dock Prison.  

In the same context, prisoner of conscience Ayoub Adel continued his open hunger strike against being prevented from his right to treatment and facing revenge for attempting to deliver his complaints.

Family of prisoner of conscience Mohammad Al-Daqqaq, who suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia, demanded to allow him receive treatment before his cases worsens, especially that he has allergy and was born with one kidney.

The situation of Akil Hassan, a prisoner of conscience, has become more serious as he suffers from epilepsy, which is accompanied by frequent convulsions, fainting and loss of body control. Besides, Sayed Sadiq Al-Alawi and Haidar Al-Malla are demanding their right to receive treatment as they suffer from teeth pain that prevent them from eating and sleeping.

A number of detainees are subjected to individual reprisals, as is the case with the two detained brothers, Mohammed and Ali Fakhrawi, who were taken to solitary confinment after being beaten, punched and kicked several times, for insisting on commemorating religious rituals during Ramadan. Mohammad was transferred to the solitary on May 10 and Ali was transferred two days later. Both of the brothers are constantly being avenged by Officer Al-Hammadi and policeman Mohammed Abdulhamid.

Meanwhile, demands continue to release sick detainees whose conditions do not allow them to remain in prison, including Ali Sanqour, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Banna, and sportsman Hamad Al-Fahd, especially as there are increasing reports of confirmed COVID-19 cases among the police.

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