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Bahrain Reports 145 New Cases, Coronavirus Cases Increase to 1003

2020-04-16 - 5:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Health Ministry announced 145 new Coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of infections 1003 and that of recoveries to 633.

These include 1000 stable cases and 3 other critical.

726547 tests have been conducted to so far.

The ministry said 128 of the 143 cases recorded were for expat workers, 13 cases had a contact history and two cases were for individuals coming from abroad. It added that the 128 cases of expat workers were monitored after 3,288 laboratory tests were conducted in the last 24 hours as part of proactive campaigns to test expat workers in their homes in a number of Bahraini areas.

The ministry said that the 128 cases are for regular expatriates, adding that measures were taken to transfer the existing cases to the centers of isolation, treatment, examination. People in contact with these 128 were transferred to quarantine.

It stressed that mobile screening units are continuing to conduct random tests for all citizens and residents across Bahrain.

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