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Bahraini Ambassador to Cairo: Securing Return of about 250 Bahraini Citizens to the Country in Upcoming Days

2020-04-09 - 7:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain ambassador to Cairo, Hisham Al-Jowdar, affirmed that the embassy is securing the return of about 250 Bahraini citizens to the Kingdom of Bahrain in the upcoming days, due to the coronavirus pandemic, which will be conducted in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He also stressed that the embassy is working around the clock to monitor the conditions of all Bahraini people in various Egyptian governorates to facilitate their return to the Kingdom, while also taking all precautionary measures to ensure their safety and health. He expressed his utmost thanks and appreciation for the cooperation received from the concerned authorities in the brotherly Arab Republic of Egypt in order to secure and facilitate the safe return of Bahraini citizens to the country.

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