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Second Suicide Attempt to Criminal Prisoner within Days after Placing him in Solitary Confinement

2020-04-03 - 9:03 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh revealed that one of the criminal prisoners in Jaw Central Prison attempted to hang himself after suffering from depression as a result of putting him in solitary confinement. She explained that this is the prisoner's second suicidal attempt this week.

Al-Saegh said via her Twitter account that this the second suicidal attempt of a convict in his third decade. The prisoner tried to hang himself on Friday night, but his attempt failed and left him with serious injuries.

The human rights activist noted that the convict is a Bahraini national and that he is serving a 3-year prison term over a criminal case. He has spent 6 months of his prison term.

She added that due to transferring him to the dilapidated building 4, ward 5, and isolating him from the rest of the prisoners, he used the bed sheet to make a gallows to hang himself. However, his attempt failed.

Al-Saegh went on to say that after the policemen heard his voice, they, along with other prisoners, rushed to help him. The prisoner was taken to an unknown place, amid a state of frustration among prisoners.

"The insistence of the duty officers to isolate the prisoner despite his psychological circumstances was the reason for his repeated suicidal attempts," Ibtisam Al-Saegh noted. 

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