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Al-Ghuraifi Reiterates Necessity to Rapidly Return Stranded Bahrainis in Iran

2020-04-03 - 8:58 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi stressed on the necessity to expedite the return of stranded Bahrainis in Iran, hailing the government's efforts in fighting Coronavirus outbreak.

Al-Ghuraifi said that he hails the government's measures, demanding the continuation of these measures and the employment of all potentials to protect Bahrain from the Coronavirus epidemic.

"I reiterate stressing on the necessity to expedite the repatriation of stranded Bahrainis. I contacted the official parties last Friday and I was reassured that the government is doing its best to put an end to this issue," he added.

"We ask the almighty God to facilitate the return of Bahrainis to their country and to protect all Muslims and people from this dangerous epidemic."

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