Bahrain Doesn't Lack Absorptive Capacity for Containing Stranded Bahrainis

2020-03-31 - 7:37 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): There is no more need to convince anyone of the Bahraini ruling family's discriminatory behavior towards the Shiite community, as the suffering of stranded Bahraini citizens in the Iranian city of Mashhad, who amount to more than 1,000, has caused a major scandal.

These citizens, who have been stranded in airports of countries in the region, have only one story: their country refuses to receive them.

The authorities claimed via their media mouthpieces that they lack an absorptive capacity that would allow them to receive this number of people and place them in medical isolation, is this true? Bahrain Mirror confirmed the following information: There is a space that has the capacity to receive all the Bahrainis stranded in Iran and even more. 75% of the capacity of the quarantine unit in Al-Hidd area is available and has not been used yet, and the new quarantine unit in Sitra area still has about 50% of its capacity vacant and not been used yet. Above all, the National Committee for Fighting Coronavirus has announced that the international hospital will be used as a medical quarantine, but it has not yet been opened and used, although the work supervised by the Ministry of Works should have been completed.

There are also more options available to the Government of Bahrain if it needs additional places, such as using large tents in open spaces, and other places such as gyms that can be properly sterilized and equipped as a medical quarantine area.

Bahrain Mirror will further discuss the many risks facing Bahrain. The only thing that the Bahrain team has so far strongly succeeded in is whitewashing its image through media outlets, and bringing all the praise to the Bahrain government team run by the Crown Prince, far from his uncle the Prime Minister who is now issuing statements that have nothing to do with the reality of the situation. Everyone is praising this team, but a local newspaper has exaggerated its praise and put out a report under a laughable title, which reads: "Al-Qahtani contains coronavirus with his national spirit". Can this epidemic really be contained through parties of praise and media flexing?!

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