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Gulf Air violated Int'l Travel Charts by Refusing to Return Bahrainis even though they had met All Conditions

2020-03-29 - 8:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: Oman Airports said in a statement that the Gulf Air violated international travel regulations after it rejected to return stranded Bahrainis despite meeting all the conditions.

In an explanatory statement through its Twitter page, Oman Airports said that the Gulf Air cancelled the bookings of the Bahrainis despite the fact that they met all the necessary conditions to fly and made it to the boarding gate in time for departure. The airline's actions were in violation of international travel regulations.

Oman Airports said that it collaborated with the Royal Oman Police, Public Authority for Civil Aviation and other concerned authorities in order to solve the issue of the stranded travelers. "We contacted their embassy in Muscat to inform them of the matter and worked with them for an appropriate solution," it said.

The company indicated that it had communicated - as in similar cases - with the carrier that brought passengers to the airport where the travel regulations stipulated that the carrier be obliged to return the travelers to their destination, which was offset by a complete refusal by the travelers to travel on the flight designated by the carrier who brought them to the airport in accordance with the aforementioned regulations.

"Given that the date set for the suspension of International and local flights is near, by 12 pm Sunday, March 29, 2020, except Musandam Governorate flights, and the efforts made by Omani airports in cooperation with all concerned parties to facilitate the transport of nationals of sister and friendly countries as well as to guarantee that no stranded travelers are left in our airports after this time, it should be noted that the efforts in collaboration with the Bahrain Kingdom embassy in the Sultanate have borne fruit, Thanks to God, allocating an airplane for flying them to Bahrain International Airport," it said concluding the statement.

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