Campaign to Boycott Gulf Air for Refraining to Fly 76 Bahrainis from Muscat to Manama

2020-03-29 - 9:01 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahrainis are outraged at Gulf Air which cancelled its flight GF563 and refrained from transporting Bahrainis returning from the Iranian city of Mashhad. This was especially frustrating to Bahrainis since the airline admitted that it took the decision on March 27, 2020 to cancel the scheduled flight from Muscat Airport after it was revealed that there were a large number of registered passengers arriving from Iran via Doha Airport.

Bahrainis launched a campaign against the Bahraini national carrier, expressing opposition to its stance, which they regarded as a disgrace, shameful, inhuman, immoral and irresponsible act. They also called for boycotting Gulf Air.

Hasan Al-Marzooq, a Nationalist Democratic Assembly official, wrote: "In my personal capacity, I announce my complete boycott of Gulf Air after it has abandoned 76 Bahraini nationals stranded in Muscat, in addition to abandoning Bahraini students in Russia on the grounds that the number of passengers covering the flight cost is incomplete! Yet it has changed its dubious decisions!"

Twitter user Ahmed wrote: "Shame on national carrier, Gulf Air, for treating its citizens with contempt in such difficult circumstances. You should be grateful to us, we, the citizens, because without our money that the government has pumped into your budget, you would have been bankrupted as a result of your corruption and today you are giving up your patriotism."

"Gulf Air's behavior today towards stranded Bahrainis urges every honest Bahraini who knows the meaning of pride and dignity not to deal with Gulf Air, even if their tickets are the cheapest in the world," Haji Ahmed stressed.

Tweeter Hussein Ali commented: "A message to all Bahraini religious tourist groups to boycott Gulf Air in future flights. They don't deserve our support at all."

For his part, Al Bin Khamis said: "Gulf Air, you are a disgrace to Bahrain and you should be boycotted by every citizen who has self-respect. Shame on you. As a citizen, I am not honored to travel through this corrupt company."


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