Rida Bin Ali Launches Bring Back Stranded Bahrainis Campaign After Father's Death in Iran

Rida Bin Ali
Rida Bin Ali

2020-03-17 - 9:48 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahraini Rida Bin Ali launched a campaign on behalf of the Committee of Families of Stranded Bahrainis in Iran and elsewhere under a hashtag that translates to #Bring_Back_Stranded_Bahrainis. This move aims at "bringing back Bahrainis trapped in Iran's city of Mashhad, guaranteeing them a medical quarantine, and countering any voices that attack their beliefs or stand in the way of their return," he said.

Rida is the son of Haj Ali Bin Mohammad Bin Ibrahim, who is one of the victims of the Bahraini government's stalling in returning its nationals who were stranded in Mashhad, who died on March 7. He was the second death among Bahrainis trapped there that was followed by a third death.

Haj Ali traveled to the Iranian city of Mashhad before the virus outbreak, and his family tried to bring him back by every means possible because of his old age and his need for a specific type of medication prescribed to him by his doctor nine months ago when he suffered a serious stroke in Bahrain. Rida attempted with his family to book a return trip for his father, who remained trapped there after the virus spread and flights were suspended. They contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which did not provide them with any facilitation until he passed away.

Stricken with grief, Rida wrote on his page: "My dear father is with God now due to the sectarianism in my country. He remained trapped in Mashhad until his condition deteriorated and he died."

"After the death of my father in the Iranian city of Mashhad due to the procrastination and stalling of the concerned authorities, I demand that my mother, brother and those accompanying them be returned from Mashhad. They are in a very difficult psychological situation, and we don't want to experience another loss," he added.

On Friday (March 13, 2020) Rida launched the campaign to push for expedited action for the return of stranded Bahrainis, initiated by a group called the Committee of Families of Stranded Bahrainis in Iran and elsewhere. The movement entails that Bahrainis post a design under the hashtag #Bring_Back_Stranded_Bahrainis, including the campaign message that says: "We remind ourselves and the homeland of the duty towards Bahraini citizens stranded in Iran and other countries, and the need to return them home and begin their medical procedures."


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