People in Isolation Complain of Lack of Separation Procedures and Extended Isolation with Detection of New Coronavirus Cases

2020-03-17 - 3:43 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Some groups held in the isolation unit complained that, after completing a full two weeks, they were obliged to stay for an additional two weeks after a new case of coronavirus was discovered.

They said that after finishing the set two-week period of isolation, and as they were ready to return to their families, they were surprised that one of them had a positive result, which means that person contracted the coronavirus. The infected woman was transferred to quarantine, and it was decided that the rest of the group must also stay isolated for an additional period of two weeks as a precaution. This means that whenever a new infection is detected among the group, the isolation will be extended for the whole group. This is an exhausting situation for the isolated healthy people, and may increase the risk of them getting infected.

People in quarantine in Al-Hidd area warned of an increase in coronavirus cases, after 23 new cases were reported among the isolated persons there. They explained that this is occurring because new numbers are brought to quarantine daily from the airport, without regard to the rules of separation that ensure that the virus is not transmitted.

The Ministry of Health announced on Monday (March 10) that 24 new cases had been detected, bringing the total number of cases to 95 with 22 patients recovered.

"All the cases added to the existing cases were held at the precautionary quarantine center for people returning from countries where the virus is spreading and were monitored through periodic check-ups, except for one case that came in contact with one of the existing cases of a person that came from abroad," the ministry said.

People in the isolation unit wonder whether they will be isolated for two additional weeks whenever a new coronavirus case is detected. "Until when will we remain without separation measures that would protect us from infection and end our quarantine period," they complained.

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