Three Bahrainis Die after Gov't Delay, Parliament Votes against Returning Rest from Iran

2020-03-14 - 12:25 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The first batch of Bahrainis, who were stranded in Iran after the spread of Coronavirus there, has landed in Bahrain, and more are expected to return. However, three Bahraini families will not get to be reunited with their loved ones who died while waiting for the Government of Bahrain to take action, as it delayed returning its citizens home.

In addition to the deaths of three Bahrainis from illness complications, these stranded Bahrainis have been receiving accusations and demonized by regime loyalists.

Instead of coming back to reunite with their families, this was the final trip of three Bahrainis, who died away from their homeland, families and loved ones.

The first death case of a Bahraini (who was on a religious tour trip) took place in Mashhad on March 5. The deceased was Haj Hasan Mansour Hassan, 62, from Al-Sahla, who traveled to Iran with 5 of his family members on February 19. Haj Mansour died due to high sugar levels. His death was a wake-up call for everyone, as many citizens were affected by this. However, the authorities didn't comment.

Two days later, on March 7, the second death among the stranded Bahrainis took place. Haj Ali Mohammed Ibrahim, from Al-Maamir, traveled to the Iranian city of Mashhad before the Coronavirus outbreak. His family tried in every way possible to return him to Bahrain because of his age and need for specific medications prescribed by his doctor 9 months ago as a result of a serious stroke, noting that the doctor asked Haj Ali not to change the medications.

Haj Ali Mohammed Ibrahim traveled via Al-Jazeera airlines, which was the first to stop its flights to Iran after the announcement of the virus outbreak there. His children tried to book a return trip for their father who was trapped there. They reached out to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is supposed to be responsible for the affairs of Bahrainis abroad, but the ministry did not provide them with any facilitations. There were no airlines allowing the travel of non-nationals of the country.

More than ten days had passed. People ran out of medications and patience. Haj Ali passed away. His death left an echo in Bahrain.

It was only three days until there was a third death among the stranded Bahrainis. Haj Mousa Abduljabbar died on March 10 after his health worsened due to high blood pressure and a heart attack, following which he had been admitted to the intensive care unit. The man died on the same day the first batch of stranded Bahrainis arrived in their country.

Three deaths happened within 5 days. The coming days will reveal the exact cause of their deaths and suffering. The Foreign Minister and his staff should be held accountable for the delay that caused the deaths of three Bahrains. However, parliamentarians, who are supposed to be the ones to ask and investigate, they themselves, agreed on a bill to prevent the return of any infected Bahrainis. They voted this yet then denied it, even though everything was recorded in picture and sound.

Are we going to witness more deaths among Bahrainis before all those stranded in Iran return to their country?

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