Who's Responsible for Increase in Coronavirus Cases among Bahrainis Stranded in Iran?

2020-03-14 - 2:53 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): What does it mean when 77 out of 165 Bahrainis, nearly half of those returning from Iran to Bahrain as part of the first batch of the evacuation plan, have Coronavirus? This number is very worrying, perhaps was not expected at all.

What does it mean when, after these results emerge, Bahrain decides to postpone evacuation flights of other Bahrainis from Iran until further notice?

Would the number of infected have been so high, if Bahrain, like other countries, rushed to evacuate its nationals, as soon as the virus was spread in Iran two weeks ago?

Certainly, the number would have not reached this extent if it had done so. Out of the 8,759 examinations involving returnees from Iran and other affected countries and those in contact with others during January and February, only 82 cases tested positive, 6 of them were infected by contact, i.e. the number of infected returning from Iran and other countries did not exceed 76.

If the state had hastened to evacuate its nationals immediately since the announcement of the virus outbreak in Iran, immediately suspended flights to the affected countries and examined and isolated them in an appropriate manner, it would have been certain that the number of infected would have not reached this catastrophic rate (77 out of 165).

The state's procrastination and delay in returning the stranded and keeping them in a confusing, disturbing and unhealthy situation for more than two weeks is the first and foremost reason for the increase in cases in a way that has shocked all Bahrainis today. Everyone knows that the virus only needs contact to spread like wildfire.

After the return of the first batch and the shock of seeing the large number of those infected, we can expect that half of those still stranded in Iran are infected as well, and that if the situation is not remedied as soon as possible, everyone will be at risk of infection and death, especially after three death cases among Bahrainis.

However, instead of speeding up its action to solve what can be remedied, and to repair what has been done by its delay, Bahrain is postponing the evacuation flights of the remaining Bahrainis from Iran until further notice!

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