First Batch of Stranded Bahrainis in Mashhad Arrive to Bahrain

2020-03-13 - 2:29 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): 165 Bahrainis out of more than 1,300 landed in Bahrain, returning from the Iranian city of Mashhad. This is the first batch of stranded Bahrainis who were evacuated, through direct flights via Oman Peace Air.

The Omani plane, which carried the first group, landed at Bahrain Airport Tuesday morning (March 10). There were buses waiting for them at the runway, which transported them immediately after landing without allowing them to enter the terminal building. The arrivals were immediately transferred to rooms dedicated to conducting comprehensive examinations, while the Ministry of Health went on alert as its medical staff will be handling the next arrivals. It said that the citizens who came from Iran were subjected to laboratory tests under the supervision of a specialized medical staff, and based on the results they were transferred to one of the preventive quarantine centers or centers of isolation and treatment.

Bahrainis in the designated halls were very satisfied. They praised the reception and equipment and services prepared for them.

There is no issued plan stating how long it will take to transfer all Bahrainis stranded in Iran, but some managers of religious tour groups have been informed about their travel dates, and it seems that it will take more than 10 days to complete the evacuation of all Bahrainis stranded there.

Bahrain seems to be operating in a cautious pace by bringing in those trapped in Iran in batches, so that it can deal with each batch individually and control the overall situation without being pressured by large numbers.

However, Bahrainis in Mashhad have great concerns, especially after the deaths of three of them within a few days. The last of whom, Mousa Abduljabbar, who is in his 50s, died Tuesday morning, March 10. There is also the possibility of increased number of deaths due to the shortage of medicines and high psychological pressure and anxiety, which was witnessed in the three cases that suffered seizures leading to their deaths as a result of the delay in returning home.

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