After Haj Hasan Demise, Bahrainis Stuck in Iran Say People Will Die from Fear, Anxiety Rather than Coronavirus

2020-03-10 - 5:21 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The death of Haj Hasan Mansour, 62, in Iran, left Bahrainis stranded in Mashhad with an intensified concern. Although he died due to a sudden increase of his sugar levels, these Bahrainis believe that the anxiety and fear experienced by Haj Mansour and other Bahrainis may be the cause of this sudden rise in blood sugar, adding that this may cause similar cases of sudden deaths, especially among the elderly and those who suffer from chronic diseases.

Bahrainis reported that another visitor suffered a sudden heart condition on Thursday (March 5), and a third one who underwent surgery 10 days ago, suffered a hemorrhage two days ago and is now in the hospital prevented from visitation.

The longer the situation lasts, the more difficult it becomes, and so do anxiety and fear. Sometimes crying and breakdowns increase among visitors, which makes the situation even more desperate and frustrating. Mental fatigue, anxiety, illness and general physical fatigue are all symptoms that started to appear on Bahrainis trapped in Iran. The cadres working in the religious tour groups transport large numbers of visitors to the hospital on a daily basis.

On the other hand, the shortage of medicines was an added concern. Elderly and people who suffer from chronic diseases have run out of medicines. Meanwhile, pharmacies in Iran reject to dispense some of these drugs without a prescription, especially medications for Sickle Anemia and convulsion patients. Other drugs are not available in Iran, which forced some visitors to use similar or alternative medicines, some of which are not recommended by doctors.

These Bahraini nationals trapped in Mashhad are complaining that: Even healthy people are starting to feel sick, and those who don't die from the Coronavirus might die out of fear and anxiety. 

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